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We build on safety and quality.

The ultra-modern "EurimPark" in Berchtesgadener Land was completed in 2010 and has since been one of the most modern production buildings for secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical products.


  • The production and logistics buildings were planned from the very beginning according to a superordinate goods flow concept.
  • Room layout and size of the buildings are optimally coordinated. Each product has its precisely defined place in the production process.
  • In front of the production area, there is a central hygiene sluice, through which every production employee must pass.
  • For preparations requiring refrigeration, there are four spatially interconnected cold stores available, which ensure the uninterrupted cooling of temperature-sensitive goods. Pharmaceuticals requiring refrigeration can thus pass through all stations from delivery to storage and dispatch.
  • At the end of each processing step, the goods are repeatedly checked and only then are they released for the next processing stage.
  • EurimPharm's validated warehouse management system and verification during packaging enables all stock movements to be tracked.