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eurimsolutions is distinguished by quality and security.

Our claim and promise to you is the highest quality and safety in handling pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We meet the strict requirements of GMP and GDP compliance.

Quality management

A central component of our corporate philosophy is to maintain the highest possible quality standards for all products and services offered. This is a challenge that EurimPharm Produktions GmbH is constantly facing.

To ensure compliance with hygiene regulations, a hygiene sluice is the only access route to the production area at EurimPharm Produktions GmbH. There, additional strict regulations ensure the safe packaging of pharmaceuticals. Detailed instructions are drawn up for production, which illustrate the packaging process and describe exactly how production must take place. Whenever the customer makes changes, the production management team defines new manufacturing instructions.


In-process controls monitor the packaging process. Each individual station of the pharmaceutical is checked and controlled by the subsequent station. As an independent body, the final inspection is responsible for the market release. The responsible employees report directly to the AMG managers.


For the pharmaceutical sector, the supervisory authority of the government of Upper Bavaria confirms our GMP and GDP compliance. Constant internal and external audits ensure a continuous control of our processes and enable us to adapt and develop processes to new customer requirements as quickly as possible.