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EurimPharm Produktions GmbH has over 45 years of experience and an unique employee expertise in the packaging of pharmaceuticals and offers tailor-made solutions for its customers in the field of secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals.

On the basis of the manufacturing licence, EurimPharm offers the following solutions for the packaging of pharmaceuticals or medical devices:


  • Change of packaging sizes
  • Blister marking
  • Automatic labelling
  • Marking of the packaging
  • Exchange of the package information leaflet
  • Completely new assembly

In order to offer the customer a cost-effective solution even for the smallest orders, the following services are carried out in-house:


  • Design of the instructions for use
  • Design of all necessary labels
  • Design of the folding boxes according to the customer's specifications
  • Printing and folding of the instructions for use
  • Printing the labels

All required steps are carried out under GMP conditions.