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The EU directive on protection against counterfeit pharmaceuticals requires manufacturers to take comprehensive measures to ensure the verification of prescription pharmaceuticals. 

More specifically, this means:

Manufacturers must generate an individual serial number for each individual package, print it together with PZN, batch and expiry date as a data matrix code, upload the data to the European database and manage necessary charge-off steps such as depreciation and returns.

Another security feature that companies must guarantee is a seal label, which is intended to make it even more difficult to swap the contents.

EurimPharm Produktions GmbH already has a serialisation line with software and database that meets all the requirements of the EU directive on the protection against counterfeit pharmaceuticals.


  • The generation, management and verification of randomised serial numbers
  • The application of a 2D barcode and the required plain text on the secondary packaging
  • The creation of ready files for reporting to securPharm or the EU-Hub
  • Status management of the data for each pharmaceutical package
  • The application of a security label to seal the secondary packaging